Our Story

The Founder

James Wei is a well-rounded individual who pursued higher education in Germany in 2012. He studied Electrical and Automotive Maintenance. With a passion for electronic technology products and an active lifestyle, James developed a love for outdoor sports and travel. After graduation, he chose to stay in Germany and experience life in different countries, including France and Italy. Over the course of  12 years, James improved his world view and discovered new passions and pursuits. He enjoys biking and camping with friends in his free-time.

The Idea

James is known for his optimistic and positive outlook. This has helped him to quickly adapt to the local cultures and lifestyles of the countries he has lived in. James values sunshine, freedom, and socializing, and prefers to commute by bike. The COVID-19 pandemic of 2019 had a profound impact on people's quality of life, as well as the production and development of enterprises and society as a whole. In response, governments of various countries encouraged and supported personal vehicle travel, including the use of bicycles and electric bikes. As a result, the demand for these modes of transportation skyrocketed.

The Passion

Due to the negative effects of the pandemic, James was forced to return to China. However, his passion for biking led him to seize this opportunity and start his own electric moped bike business. He teamed up with established bicycle enterprises in China and took on the role of product design and quality supervision. The result of his efforts was the creation of a series of Bezior electric power assisted vehicles, including both electric bikes and scooters.

The Persistance

From 2020 to now, the Bezior series of electric moped bikes and scooters have been gradually released into the market and are highly popular in Europe. The company has since expanded its market reach to the United Kingdom and the United States. Despite his success as an entrepreneur, James still makes time to enjoy electric bikes with friends, staying true to his original passion. He has turned his love for a product into a deep understanding and commitment to the industry. This philosophy of finding entrepreneurial inspiration from everyday life has been a guiding principle for James throughout his journey.

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